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For what it's worth got a Neet Airstream working with the Raspberry Pi Minimserver
25-03-2015, 01:57 (This post was last modified: 28-03-2015 15:18 by Tell.)
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For what it's worth got a Neet Airstream working with the Raspberry Pi Minimserver
This may be old news but I didn't find anyone saying they had integrated the [renderer] £29 Neet - WiFi Wireless Music Receiver - AIRPLAY + DNLA - for APPLE (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac), ANDROID (phones, tablets), WINDOWS (Laptop, PC) network DAC box with the Raspberry Pi Minimserver / Minimstream implementation. Possibly £29.99 is far too cheap but all chips made in China etc apart from the Raspberry Pi assembled in Wales. The Neet box is alse badged Veetop® HiFi AirMusic Box and the SoundMate M1 (there is a M2 as well which is an upgrade) all made by Shenzhen UyeSee Technology Co Ltd. Sold by Amazon dependent on region. Actual specification in detail difficult to come by although some disinformation I believe that it operates in the Apple sound domain with lossy transcoding from FLAC. I could be proved wrong on that.

Points to look out for is that the installation program on the Neet doesn't like Firefox whether on a Android tablet or PC (with the firmware installed on the model shipped to me). Installation you bridge the Airstream box on the network and it should ask you the identity of your network, nothing happened till I switched to the Chrome browser when the pop up appeared with your locally found wifi SSIDs. You also put network security on the box else you leave your network open via access on the unsecured bridge. The box has it's own SSID although for network mode you access via your own router(s) SSID and it integrates via the wifi bridge installation.

I opted for Bubble UPnP for the Android and Foobar2000 for PC access as a control points. The Foobar2000 also setup to access the media server where installed. Plugged the optical out of the Neet box into my trusty 2004 Sony Surround sound amp (STR-DB900).

Without any transcoding in the MinimStreamer getting it to play the HLS AAC was choppy. Poking the play button about five times or so did get it to start and stay on. Did look at the log but couldn't see anything. Went shopping with tablet, amused when I got back it was still playing so it doesn't play through the tablet since that was on airplane mode with me. I expect we all know this.

I then put the Raspberry Pi direct on the network rather than WiFi where I had the office computer also running the software cabled in but still choppy about playing back, would cut out after 4 seconds but didn't manage to improve that via parameters - think a network Raspberry Pi / MinimServer / Streamer / Render point issue bouncing the packages about with some buffer somewhere not fully full - stating the obvious. Then turned to transcoding using Simon's code aac:wav (I think that is what a lot of you do on your high end systems or high profit margin systems).

Before that followed Simon's answer here to install the transcoder software on the server, dealing with installing anconv on a Raspberry PI

Interesting I had the parameter aac:wav;96 in since I thought my amp would run at that speed but it gave me Book at Bedtime at half speed !. The cat wants tweet of the day tomorrow at this speed so he can enjoy for longer.... Not sure whether this was the Neet box or my amp not handling... Neet probably. Interesting effect.

Having done this all is working each BBC channels plays fine. That's about it I probably missed something out.

Now I would like someone to give me a fool proof way of installing Samba on the Raspberry Pi. Latest model. Since if you are recording anything you may want to get it off. Any help. All links I found before didn't work and then process corrupted the installation of Minimstreamer / server. There are other ways of getting at iPlayer streams but those ways don't offer the 320 AAC stream but then I'm not convinced that the 320 stream isn't deprecated or more correctly put transcoded up by the BBC from poor quality streams except that of Radio 3 and perhaps a few others. Others have suggested this as well. Obviously the BBC don't want the general public and license fee payers know that all is not well with their HLS implementation which forms the backbone of the BBC Radio iPlayer.


1. Need to install avconv on Raspberry Pi as per Simon's previous advice

2. Use transcode parameter aac:wav
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