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Bryston Renderer and OpenHome
03-09-2015, 15:54
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RE: Bryston Renderer and OpenHome
(03-09-2015 15:14)krutsch Wrote:  FWIW, I have a Bryston BDP-1 (original version w/ sound ESI Juli@ sound card) and I agree with all of the above. The sound is stunning running BNC S/PDIF out into my Rega DAC.

Oh, and I also have no problems playing back transcoded WAV 192/24 via MinimStreamer over a Wi-Fi bridge into a 100 Mbps connection (which is all the BDP-1 supports).

Bryston uses the re-booted GMediaStreamer open source for UPnP playback, which flawlessly handles gapless playback.

But, to be hones, I have disabled this component in my player and exclusively use MPD and a locally USB-attached SSD drive with my library. It just sounds better ... way better. As always, YMMV.

What hardware are you using to run MPD? Are you sending the output from MPD directly into your DAC (using USB?) without using the BDP-1? I am interested to know more about a setup that plays music "way better" than "stunning". Smile
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