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Bryston Renderer and OpenHome
03-09-2015, 15:14
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RE: Bryston Renderer and OpenHome
(03-09-2015 10:49)lwxian Wrote:  ...

Yes BDP-2 is a superior streamer especially with the new upgraded audio card. It is a powerful DLNA renderer that could playback transcoded wav/24 from minim server (transcoded wav via minim server sound better than flac as original source). BDP-2 comes with 2 x giga network lan, no problem playing 192/24 transcoded wav from flac.

Pros... the best audio I have heard so far.. huge sound stage and clear details.


FWIW, I have a Bryston BDP-1 (original version w/ sound ESI Juli@ sound card) and I agree with all of the above. The sound is stunning running BNC S/PDIF out into my Rega DAC.

Oh, and I also have no problems playing back transcoded WAV 192/24 via MinimStreamer over a Wi-Fi bridge into a 100 Mbps connection (which is all the BDP-1 supports).

Bryston uses the re-booted GMediaStreamer open source for UPnP playback, which flawlessly handles gapless playback.

But, to be hones, I have disabled this component in my player and exclusively use MPD and a locally USB-attached SSD drive with my library. It just sounds better ... way better. As always, YMMV.
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