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Bryston Renderer and OpenHome
18-03-2015, 12:30
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RE: Bryston Renderer and OpenHome
(17-03-2015 22:08)krutsch Wrote:  Thanks, David, for your reply. Sounds like my second question has been answered, as well, which is I won't necessarily hear gapless playback with BubbleUPnP with the Bryston players.

Firstly, I don't know whether or not the Bryston devices do gapless playback; it's not mentioned in their documentation, and manufacturers often claim this as a special feature when they do implement it. I always think that this is a bit ironic; LPs and CDs had gapless playback from the outset ...

My understanding (which is, as I explained, only theoretical) is that Bubble UPnP Server essentially acts as a bridge between your existing server and the renderer, and so adds the OpenHome extensions to any UPnP renderer. The Linn payers I use have OpenHome built in (and, as I understand it, use it to provide gapless playback), so I have never had to use Bubble UPnP Server.

It is a pity that it is so difficult to find out what the capabilities of UPnP devices actually are. Sometimes it seems that manufacturers are more anxious to hide the failings of their products than to tell us clearly what they can do.

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