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Transcoding combinations UPnP and Internet Radio
13-03-2015, 11:29
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RE: Transcoding combinations UPnP and Internet Radio
(13-03-2015 10:54)Pastim Wrote:  OK. Thanks very much indeed. I now believe I understand what happens in most cases. I also believe I now see more clearly what has been puzzling me.

I have 2 UPnP renderers with different characteristics, and I want to use the best I can on each. This turns out to be wav24/L16.

In due course I may have some streams I know are aac, such as current BBC radio, and I can force this in the playlist file (don't worry - I don't plan on tweaking the URLs myself). I may also have some streams that I don't know are aac, but minimserver finds out.

If I use aac:wav24/L16 the known aac streams will be processed as I like, but the unknown ones will not, since the 1st choice is always used (so I guess I had better use L16/wav24 instead?).

You can use the caret to override the default of using the first choice. This is why I suggested in an earlier post that you could use aac:wav24/L16/-^ to ensure that "unknown" aac streams don't get transcoded.

Quote:If I use *:wav24/L16 the known aac streams won't be processed as I want.

If I use both, the aac one will be used, since minimstreaming discovcers it is aac, and the * one ignored.

Is that all correct?

If you use both (for UPnP), the "*" setting will be used for unknown streams and the "aac" setting will be used for known aac streams.

Quote:The only way round this that I can see is that I will have to make sure that I find out what the streamed codec is for any station I might ever play via minimstreamer and specify it in the playlist file.

This would be required if you want to use different transcoding settings for the same stream on different renderers. if you are OK with using a single transcoding setting for all renderers, you can leave the stream type as unspecified and use the caret as described above to get the transcoding that you want.
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