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Transcoding combinations UPnP and Internet Radio
13-03-2015, 10:32
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RE: Transcoding combinations UPnP and Internet Radio
(13-03-2015 10:27)simoncn Wrote:  
(13-03-2015 00:35)Pastim Wrote:  I had understood, and indeed thought I had read on a post somewhere, that for an Internet Radio (not a UPnP device) no transcoding ever took place. Am I wrong? The minimradio sites seem to make no mention of it.

This is because most internet radios should be able to play AAC streams without transcoding. The MinimRadio instructions are intended for people who have a internet radio that was previously playing BBC AAC streams and now want to move to the new HLS streams. They cover everything needed for this scenario without introducing additional complexity by mentioning things that aren't needed such as transcoding.
So you are saying that transcoding can take place for Internet Radios, but doesn't (usually) need to. Is that correct?
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