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Transcoding combinations UPnP and Internet Radio
13-03-2015, 09:38
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RE: Transcoding combinations UPnP and Internet Radio
(13-03-2015 02:29)Tell Wrote:  One for Pastim, I think you should adopt an experimental approach rather than pre-conceiving what you need to do in advance. That may be what you are doing is working out what you are going to do rather than testing it out a bit at a time. Obviously for audio quality you can't always tell the difference so matching up against parameters of what the system is capable of doing and trying that first is better than opting for for something less. I sense you might not have had scientific experimental training. Think you might be taking a holistic systems approach rather than a reductionist approach. The latter, the principal of optimality is that a solution to part of the problem, is part of the solution to the whole problem. What would we do without decision theory... probably experiment. You cross one bridge at a time at a time is a good maxim for getting things working and completed rather than bothering and worrying about doing it. Moving on from management science...

Zeewier, I did have a problem with the recorded AAC that I made last week so I wasn't totally sure that there wasn't something "funny" about it. This was using the source recorded AAC produced by MinimStreamer from HLS, my Humax which does play AACs as if they are MP3s relabelled refused to play it - this isn't a true test since I am not too sure what liberties it takes but it does play the BBC iPlayer ones fine. So I took the stream with me and put it through the Denon, that didn't like it either. But saying that it has no issues well apart from the "catching up effect" (that Simon has given me something to try out to increase the buffer) that seems to occur with heavy internet traffic in playing the "live" AAC produced by MinimServer from HLS. Android Mediahouse works fine with the AAC and Windows Foobar2000 with upnp extension.

I would be interested to look at the recorded file that isn't working. Do you still have it?
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