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Minimwatch, Java Runtime and Adobe Photoshop
14-03-2015, 13:49
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RE: Minimwatch, Java Runtime and Adobe Photoshop
(14-03-2015 13:30)qblack Wrote:  That's right: I installed Apple's Java and could run all Adobe products as normal again. In the past I have noticed an Apple-generated dialog advising that Java was required before Photoshop/Illustrator, etc. could launch. After I installed the Oracle Java, I could not launch Adobe products but there was also no warning, as in former days. It was an entry in the Console (can't remember what now) that made me look to Java and reminded me of the old connection. By the way, Oracle's website does instruct one to uninstall old versions of Java before installing new, which is what I did.

I rechecked the Oracle install page for Java on Mac and I didn't see anything there about needing to uninstall Apple Java first. The situation regarding coexistence of Apple Java and Oracle Java seems somewhat confused. In any case, I'm pleased you've found a way to make it work.
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