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User review of Auralic Aries
18-06-2015, 23:26
Post: #11
RE: User review of Auralic Aries
Hi Mike,
Great review, thanks. But why do you go from the Aries to the TacT via a DAC (analogue xlr)?
You could feed the Tact directly, not? What is your opinion on the ARIES MINI? I am still in doubt what to buy.
Mine will feed a Deqx directy. I am less bothered about extreme high res capabilities, most of my music is on cd and not available on high res, and active systems are very high res already!
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19-06-2015, 00:46
Post: #12
RE: User review of Auralic Aries
Hi, BeeActive-- I am feeding the DAC via the TacT, not the other way around. The external DAC (Vega) is better than the DAC card in the TacT. Sorry if that wasn't clear.

In other words: Aries -> TacT -> DAC

I haven't used the Aries Mini, so I have no opinion, except that it offers a lot of function for a relatively low price. Reviews have said the sound is very good. It seems like a great thing to try.

I am interested in which DEQX unit you are using and how you like it. I find that on very good sources, the grain added by the TacT is noticeable, so I bypass it. I am mulling over the DEQX PreMate as a potential replacement. One unfortunate aspect is that it seems extremely complex to set up.


Portland, Oregon, USA
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