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Problem installing minim streamer
21-02-2015, 15:06
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RE: Problem installing minim streamer
(21-02-2015 04:18)kaka Wrote:  I loaded the latest version of java and minim server onto a Win server 2012 64 bit essentials machine, which had just been taken back out of core mode.
It is used as a Jplay control machine

Minim server loaded OK, but the dialog (the 4th tab) does not bring up the minim streamer option.

Did the same thing using the same files on a Win 8.1 64 bit machine and streamer was available as an option. It isn't the java or server version.

I'm wondering what to do next. Is that option install entirely self contained, or is it using web access for anything?


To install MinimStreamer, you need to have web access. You can install MinimWatch on another machine with web access and do the installation from there.
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