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Auto Start After Update?
22-01-2015, 12:01
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RE: Auto Start After Update?
(21-01-2015 20:26)simoncn Wrote:  
(21-01-2015 19:56)Niko Wrote:  Same here on a DS-1512 - Minim Server quits it's work without any obvious reason.

I use Minim Server since about 3 or 4 months (I think shortly after Synology have offered it through package center) and found it stopping without any visible reason after 7 - 10 days. Then manual activation in Package Center and after a week waiting for not seeing Minim Server in n-stream, then opening DSM maintenance screen and once more finding out that it stopped working for unknown reasons. And: Synology's Log Center has not even taken notice of this event.

The first step towards a solution is to download MinimServer 0.8.3 from this page, do a manual install on your Synology NAS and make sure you are on update 57. There is a fix in this update that might solve the problem with MinimServer stopping unexpectedly. For installation instructions, see this page.

Thank you for your prompt reply.

I manually downloaded MinimServer 0.8.3, did a manual install and after starting it I found it is on update 57. Interested in what should happen after a NAS reboot I tried this as well, and - MinimServer auto-started after reboot had finished. This is as well a further improvement.

Now until MinimServer quits again for not obvious reasons, and if it does not, I think we can consider this issue as solved.

By the way, a found a small problem which I could solve on my own, but less experienced users may want to have this mentioned also in your installation instructions: If the package was downloaded manually from your web site, after starting the update and before the licence agreement is displayed, there might be a message displayed that the software has no signature, and the only option you have is to abort from the update.

In this case, the user should change the "confidence level" in Package Center under "General" to the last entry meaning "Any publisher" (or so - don't know which English term is used there since I am using the German version of QTS), which may be changed back to the previous setting after successful installation.

Once more, thank you for your support - you did what Synology's support center failed to do.
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