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Auto Start After Update?
21-01-2015, 19:56
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RE: Auto Start After Update?
Same here on a DS-1512 - Minim Server quits it's work without any obvious reason.

I use Minim Server since about 3 or 4 months (I think shortly after Synology have offered it through package center) and found it stopping without any visible reason after 7 - 10 days. Then manual activation in Package Center and after a week waiting for not seeing Minim Server in n-stream, then opening DSM maintenance screen and once more finding out that it stopped working for unknown reasons. And: Synology's Log Center has not even taken notice of this event.

I never had DSM set to auto-update, but some Synology packages (like Video Station) were. Now auto-updates are completely disabled to find out whether this has any influence on Minim Server (perhaps Java is "irritated" if e.g. Photo Station is restarted after an update ?).

I recently bought a small QNAP TS-112P to find out how it performs if used as a dedicated UPnP server (running only Minim Server and Asset simultaneously). And guess what: The QNAP platform proves far more stable (80 days and more without reboot), performing unexpectedly good (e.g. after selecting another UPnP-server when submitting all album artwork to the control point) and always shows correct results (as to the numbers of albums and tracks - compared to a the results of a "dir ... /s" command on a PC - but more about this maybe later).

Some days ago I reported to Synology about the fact that Minim Server stopped for reasons I am unable to find out and asked for their support. Their answer was that they will not support 3rd party software generally - although your software is available from their package center. And it seemed to me that they were not even willing to search the technical log data I sent them to find a reason (that could - maybe - simply be avoided by the user).

But especially this reaction of Synology leaves the impression that the clients is left alone sitting between two chairs - why should they invest in better support since the client has already paid for the hardware (and more income from a private client is not visible on the horizon).

So I am waiting for the reply you will get from them, I hope your result - as a developer, who may help them for better sales figures - is better than mine (but anyway, it would not be difficult to gain a better result ;-) .

Maybe many of you see it different, but my actual opinion is that Synology’s software reliability and quality of their supports is degrading, however I’d like to hear of your impressions.

Any ideas how we can further deal with this matter ?
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