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Minimerver crash on Raspberry Pi
06-01-2015, 08:51
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RE: Minimerver crash on Raspberry Pi
(22-12-2014 10:51)simoncn Wrote:  
(22-12-2014 09:25)guussie Wrote:  Yes, I am using Raspbian. It's a little server and I was not doing anything in particular.

However, I am running Logitech Media Server (without DLNA) on the same machine in order to have access to streaming services on another RPi running mediaplayer.

Is there a way I could check what happend on the RPi?

I will now be away for a week. I will keep the server running....

This crash is very likely to be triggered by some activity within MinimServer or from other DLNA devices on the network or by the RPi enabling or disabling a network interface. I don't think the error message and crash dump provide enough information to debug the problem without also knowing what activity triggered it.

You can capture a log of this activity by making the following changes:

1) From the MinimWatch minim icon, select "Properties" (not "Options > Properties (watch)") and change the ohnet.debug property to All-Timer

2) From the MinimWatch minim icon, select "Show log" (not "Options > Show log (watch)") and change the logging level to Debug, then close the log window

When the crash occurs next, the file minimserver/data/minimserver.log will contain the additional information that I need. Please copy this file before you restart MinimServer, as restarting MinimServer will overwrite this file.

Hello Simon,

Here is a link to the minim server.log file after a crash:

Greetings, Guus
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