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optimize browsing for albums
15-06-2014, 11:59
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optimize browsing for albums
When looking for music to play I often don't remember album names or even artist names. I like to browse for artists by album cover. This works great in Minimserver after changing some settings:

1) Sort albums by artist (not by album name)
When browsing album view, genre etc. the albums are presented in order of artist names i.e. from Abba to ZZ top.

MinimServer properties/tag options: Album.sortTags={Artist, Album}

add: , Artist.ignore.sort={The}
if you want to sort "The Doors" at "D"

Restart MinimServer to apply changes.

2) less is more
I'm only browsing by album or by genre. When opening the Minim library I want to have presented as less choices as possible.

MinimServer properties/IndexTags: Genre

Restart MinimServer to apply changes.

This way only 4 options are presented in the top menu:
"albums, items, Genre, [folder view]"

You can add artist:

MinimServer properties/IndexTags: Genre, artist

3) Browse albums by genre (Set List view over Tag view)
Default is Tag view. When you select for example a Genre you are presented with "albums, items, artist etc" to choose from. This is the tag view. After selecting albums you get a list of al albums for the choosen genre. This is the list view. To skip the tag view:

MinimServer properties/ListViewAlbums: 1000

Restart MinimServer to apply changes.

This setting skips the tag view when f.e. the selected genre contains less than 1000 albums.

The result is that when ever selecting a genre you are presented with all albums in this genre immediately. So when I select genre "alternative" I get a list of albums (with album cover) of all albums in this genre. And the albums are sorted by artist (see 1).

4) Merge Albums
Albums containing more than one disk or albums that other wise have the same name and artist but are seperated over more than one folder are presented als one album:

MinimServer properties/MergeFolderAlbums: true

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