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MusiCHI tagger - experiences
05-06-2014, 19:33 (This post was last modified: 05-06-2014 19:33 by bbrip.)
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RE: MusiCHI tagger - experiences
(05-06-2014 18:42)Alpina_Lux Wrote:  What do you mean Windows only? That the program itself runs under Windows should not be an issue for anyone.

Should it not? I beg to differ,

Quote:And as I wrote, the tagger is the main attraction, at least for people that want to tag their own large collection.

There are plenty of alternatives available to tag large collections. mp3tag, Metadatics, dbpoweramp... You name them. Why should I invest in a closed solution that dosnt even offer a user forum to discuss issues / problems / provide help? I dont think the world needs this but of course we are all free to use software as we please Smile
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