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MusiCHI tagger - experiences
05-06-2014, 18:42
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RE: MusiCHI tagger - experiences
(05-06-2014 18:00)bbrip Wrote:  Sounds interesting. But as its Windows-only its a complete non-starter here Shy

I am feeling more confident tagging my 8000+ classical albums according to my own standards anyway Cool

What do you mean Windows only? That the program itself runs under Windows should not be an issue for anyone. And as I wrote, the tagger is the main attraction, at least for people that want to tag their own large collection. You can also customise the tagging options to a very large extent, as obviously everyone has their own preferences.

Added to that, there is an also very good library / database system which I find quite useful as well (but haven't had the time to explore properly).

It does have a player (that works under Windows), but I haven't used it yet - and probably won't as MinimServer sits on the NAS and I don't want to use another computer in addition to that.
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