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MusiCHI tagger - experiences
25-10-2020, 18:31 (This post was last modified: 25-10-2020 18:31 by simoncn.)
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RE: MusiCHI tagger - experiences
You are correct that MinimServer's Intelligent Browsing solves the problem that the author of MusiChi describes. The list of 5 options for the Beethoven concerto will have submenus to show performers and any other tagged information that distingushes the different performances (for example, recording date).

Also, with MinimServer it is usually better not to duplicate the same information between tags because MinimServer tag formatting provides a very flexible way to add any tagged data to any field that MinimServer sends to the control point. For example, if you have tagged Stabat Mater as the title and Palestrina as the composer, you can use tag formatting to add the composer to the title field to show Palestrina: Stabat Mater when playing this work. If you decide you want to change this to Stabat Mater (Palestrina), you can do this without any retagging.

I don't understand the point about movements. If these are tagged correctly, MinimServer will show them grouped together and in the correct order.
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