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MusiCHI tagger - experiences
25-10-2020, 17:23
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RE: MusiCHI tagger - experiences
As a new NAS user about to rip my classical collection and hopefully use Minimserver (all for the first time, so please bear with me) I have just purchased the Ultimo version of Musichi for 49 euros direct from the author using paypal transfer. Maybe over the top to get the complete Ultimo pack, but the portable player might be better than Foobar 2000 for a classical library when away from home and relying on contents of SD card on my phone. I hope to rip to FLAC using EAC or DB Poweramp but use the tagging and classical database of Musichi to get the meta data correct and consistent across my library.

The Musichi website advises keeping album and composition fields the same so that both include the composer, work and main performers. The reason given for including the main performers in the composition field is (I quote): "The “other way” (no performers in the end): In selecting in a same way, Ludwig van and Piano concerto, you end up with only 5 entries and you can pick the 3rd, but you have no idea who is playing the stuff, and the cover displayed will be the first coming up. To play something then you have to look in the track lists for performers and movements, hoping to have them in the right order, then select the 3 movements…"

My question to the experts on this forum is: if I intend to use something like Hifi Cast on my mobile phone or ipad controlling Minimserver on my NAS (containing my classical FLAC library) will I run into the trouble quoted above if I don't include the relevant album details in the composition field when tagging. Or can I get away with including just the composer and work in the composition field and rely on the intelligent browsing of Minimserver allow me to select first the composition, then view the eg. 6 different recordings of that composition in my library and once I have chosen which version (album) I want to hear will automatically load and play the relevant tracks without my having to do this manually?
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