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MusiCHI tagger - experiences
07-12-2014, 13:33
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RE: MusiCHI tagger - experiences
(03-12-2014 14:42)Alpina_Lux Wrote:  
(16-11-2014 13:59)mccormw Wrote:  Well Aplpina_Lux I found your original article interesting and may have a little look at MusicCHI. I have now tagged a large library in the way I want but I won't close my eyes to other suggestions/systems.

I have to say I find it difficult to understand some of the comments you received above, after all you were just trying help us poor souls.

Keep it up and thanks for the info.
Thank you for your kind words.

I have indeed mostly given up spending much time sharing my experiences in online forums, as more often than not you receive the antagonistic attitude of someone like "bbrip" for your efforts to help others. I have too little time in order to waste it on such people.

I have now digitised and tagged more than 2000 CDs (classical only), and due to the uniform tagging that I achieved with the MusiCHI tagger their handling is wonderfully simple and intuitive. For any large classical CD collection this software is a real boon and a major time-saver.

If there is real interest about how I organised my collection with the various tags, and how I use it now on a daily basis, I can try to find some time and do another write-up of this.
Well I for one would certainly have a read. MinimServer is a two-edged sword. Yes it gives you more flexibility than any other server I have seen and I would not like to lose that - oh no. But you then get the headache of setting out your tag layout and maintaining it in the future. Mind you that can also be pleasurable, I have found myself reading around the subjects of music and artists just to keep my tagging correct and have learnt a lot from of this. So perhaps MinimServer is a 3-edge sword!

As regards the trolls, you should just ignore them.
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