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MusiCHI tagger - experiences
03-12-2014, 14:37
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RE: MusiCHI tagger - experiences
(15-11-2014 23:14)dmacpher Wrote:  Just so I understand, does the MusiCHI tagger update the ID3 tags in the music files it tags, or does it only update it's external database library? If it updates the files, does it handle DSD DSF files? If not, then that is a show stopper for me.
Just like most other taggers, MusiCHI indeed updates the tags in the files themselves (for the covers you can choose whether you wish to do so or not). You are therefor completely independent from it should you wish to change to another tagging program in the future. That being said, there is added value in combining the tagger with the library manager for instance.

As far as DSD DSF files are concerned, I do not know whether these are also supported as I do not have any myself. You can send an e-mail to their support ( and find out, they usually answer very quickly.
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