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Convolving possible?
04-04-2015, 13:48
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RE: Convolving possible?
(03-04-2015 09:44)claas Wrote:  
(23-03-2015 14:51)Linn_agnostik Wrote:  It seems this is no longer an issue, at least for us LINN DS owners
... with compatible speakers :-(

Or is there any way in importing measurements to make my speakers compatible?

There is a lot of discussion on this point in the Linn Forum; try the Linn DS section in the first instance. Linn seem to be putting a lot of effort into making as wide a range as possible of speakers compatible.

The purpose of SPACE optimisation is to correct for room resonance nodes, and not to change the characteristics of speakers. Some people on the forum have therefore suggested that if you set the speaker type to a compatible set that is fairly similar to your own, you can get the benefits of SPACE optimisation (if you have a Linn DS or DSM of course - but SPACE works with all DSs and DSMs that Linn have made, including Sneaky and Kiko).

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18-04-2015, 11:39
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RE: Convolving possible?
Thanks David. I'll give that a try.
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01-07-2015, 22:02
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RE: Convolving possible?
I tried to wrap avconv in the following script using brutefir as convolver:

avconv "$@" | brutefir /opt/brutefir/brutefir.cfg 2> /opt/brutefir/brutefir.log

This seems to work with the simple configuration from - the one that delay the right channel relative to the left.

Of course the options to avconv and brutefir needs to match - i.e. sample rate and bit depth.

I will now try to create a real filter using DRC or something similar and se if that works.

(07-01-2015 07:19)ogs Wrote:  
(06-01-2015 23:49)robertopisa Wrote:  Thanks Simon, I can wrap brutefir during my sparetime and give a try.

Have you looked at brutefirwrapper from the BrutefirDRC plugin? It is very mature code. Maybe you can get some inspiration from it. One of the strong features of brutefirwrapper is that it switches sample rates transparently.
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