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UPnP Search and MinimServer 0.8.1
07-01-2014, 00:18
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RE: UPnP Search and MinimServer 0.8.1
(06-01-2014 21:04)Zee Wrote:  Indeed, if only the control point could translate the "Bach 106" query into a "Bach" AND "106" query it would be a big help. Then this query should also be launched against all the tags.

Exactly; this is almost the same as the point I made in response to bubbleguuum, who is the writer of the control points with the best search capabilities of those I have tried. Unfortunately, he feels that providing a form to implement this capability (which is what one would have to do on a hand held device) would be both complex to implement (on which I cannot comment) and necessarily user-unfriendly (on which I beg, respectfully, to disagree).

The obvious first step would be to provide the capability to conduct searches on all the fields that are indexed by the server to create the browse tree. (I prefer the term 'fields' in this context, because the term 'tag' is variously used to refer to the data contents of the field, the field itself, or the whole set of fields that make up the metadata within the file). Widening the scope of the target in this way would give users more of what they need without changes to the UI. The way Bubble DS/UPnP presents results would then be particularly useful, as it allows selection of results by the field in which they appear.

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02-08-2015, 08:33
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RE: UPnP Search and MinimServer 0.8.1
Are there any updates on this topic? Is there an UPnP player that has advanced search capabilities?
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