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Why the time-limited license?
23-06-2014, 20:50
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RE: Why the time-limited license?
(22-06-2014 14:41)magister Wrote:  Hi Simon,

MinimStreamer is a wonderful adjunct to MinimServer and I am using it now for all my internet radio. I would like to sell my Simaudio Moon Mind that I previously used. Maybe you can't answer this yet, but I'm going to ask anyway: Will Minimstreamer be available after the end of 2014? (Paid or free doesn't matter, I just want to have access.) Thanks!

I don't have any current intentions to do anything that would cause MinimStreamer to become unavailable after the end of 2014. However, I can't make any firm commitments for what might happen in future. I hope this is helpful.
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