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Looking for better control point
25-12-2013, 19:00
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Looking for better control point
I’ve read the section in the user guide about control points, but would like some suggestions from other folks. This discussion will probably be most interesting to people who use customized tagging for classical music or serious jazz collections.

Suggestions for Simon: you can add the Creation 5 HD player and 8player (both iPad) to the list of those reported as compatible with MinimServer. I’ve tested them and they seem OK, although I haven’t spent dozens of hours with each so there may be bugs I haven’t found. Also, it would be helpful if your list of players would indicate whether each works with iOS, Android, or both.

I use FLAC files with a custom tag setup for my extensive classical collection. This means that sometimes I have to drill down pretty deep before I locate what I want to play. For instance, I might browse Mozart --> concertos --> violin --> concerto #1 --> soloist [if I have more than one version of concerto #1]. The player I normally use, PS Audio’s eLyric (iPad only), has a very helpful feature: it displays the browse tree at the left side of the screen. If I want to choose something by a different composer after selecting the violin concerto in my example, I can go directly to the composer list, while other control points make me tap the back button 4 or 5 times to begin the selection again. But there are issues with eLyric so I have been testing other CPs.

So far I’ve found only two other CPs that display the browse tree: Creation 5HD and PlugPlayer (the latter unfortunately uses a narrow vertical space that makes long titles scroll, which I find unpleasant to look at). I would very much like to know if there are others. Right now I have only an iPad but might get an Android tablet if a better CP was available (see next item also).

I have a custom tagFormat setting: Artist.displayFormat={$artist$conductor^^^ / }. Using Kinsky, this gives me exactly what I want, the artist (= orchestra, for a symphony) and the conductor listed under the title of the work. Most other CPs don't display the artist info after selecting the work. Any suggestions for CPs that do so? (This setting is important to me since my music is stored in folders by artist, and if I spot tagging errors I need to know where to look for the offending file.)

Thanks and happy holidays to everyone!
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12-04-2014, 13:04
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RE: Looking for better control point
Try FooBar, not for iPad I guess. When will tablets become powerful enough to do the things that PCs can now do?
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