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MinimStreamer Installation
15-02-2015, 23:47
Post: #74
RE: MinimStreamer Installation
(15-02-2015 10:32)Nothung Wrote:  Yes I am playing the [Naim] stream and I have added the ;mp3 but it hasn't made a difference. The station loads and plays for no more than 2 seconds then stops, it looks as if it continues trying to load and if I hit the play button again it plays for another 2 seconds then stops again.

I am sorry this is proving so tricky and taking up so much of your time. I really want to get it to work so that I can access the HLS streams when they are available.

Many thanks.

Please create a debug log file by doing the following:

1) From the MinimWatch minim icon, select 'Show log'
2) In the log window, set the logging level to Debug
3) Leave the log window open
4) Attempt to play the Naim stream (once only)
5) In the log window, click 'Save as' to save a log file
6) In the log window, set the logging level back to Info
7) Zip the log file and attach it to a post here

I wIll look at the log file to see what clues it contains.
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