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MinimStreamer Installation
26-11-2014, 14:30 (This post was last modified: 26-11-2014 21:59 by DavidHB.)
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RE: MinimStreamer Installation
(26-11-2014 12:26)silklee Wrote:  My hardware config is a direct connection from my nas to a Meridian director dac via usb, and from there rca to my Naim preamp.

Can I assume that this is all I need to do for the transcoding to work?

I fear not. MinimServer is a UPnP server, which means that it is network-based and does not work through USB connections. Unless your DAC can be network connected in its own right, which I believe yours cannot, you would need a computer, with appropriate software and connected to the NAS via your network (which would probably need to be wired rather than wireless if you are streaming wav24), to act as renderer, with your DAC connected via USB to the computer. Others more expert than me can advise whether something like a Raspberry Pi can be used for this purpose; some technical knowledge would be needed for this approach. Most any computer could be used, but you lose the main advantage of the NAS, which is that it saves you having to keep a computer running just to play music.

Another approach would be to use a separate network player with a digital output, rather than a computer, to feed your DAC. The Meridian brochure for the Director seems to envisage this usage, but it adds to the cost of your system, and the capabilities of network players vary; it seems that few inexpensive players can play gapless, for example.

Finally, you also need a Control Point to direct the activities of the server and renderer. Again, this is software typically hosted on a tablet, phone or computer. Some software combines the player and control functions, and network players have their own control software and/or can be worked by their own remote control.

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