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Making MinimServer easier to install
26-07-2012, 09:37
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Making MinimServer easier to install
I've seen some comments recently about MinimServer being difficult to install.

I'd like to understand the specific issues behind these comments and make improvements where possible. I'm currently aware of the following:

1) For QNAP ARM devices, the process of installing the JRE is complex because there are a few steps involved, including filling out a survey from Oracle.

2) For other NAS platforms, there's no easily installable add-on package.

3) The instructions on the MinimServer website appear complex because they go into a lot of detail.

I should be able to do something about 2) and 3), but I don't see any way to improve 1) given Oracle's licensing restrictions on the JRE for ARM.

Are there any other issues as well as the above?

I'd welcome any comments on how installing and updating MinimServer could be made easier.
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