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missing artwork at bubbleds controller
25-07-2012, 21:02
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missing artwork at bubbleds controller
Hi Simon,

first of all, thanks a lot for your great work!
I'm using it now for several weeks and I like it more and more.

On repairing buggy tags in my music collection, I've noticed, that there were few albums without cover images shown by bubbleds, while Kinsky was able to display all images.
Therefore I enabled the debug log in bubbleds and soon got the reason of missing artwork:
BubbleDs reported a bad uri, because one of the contentDirs, defined in my minimserver properties, contained blanks, which weren't escaped with "%20".

Here is the line of the debug log. You can see, that the blanks in root dir "flacs - Junction" aren't quoted correctly.

[main ] WARNING - 01:14:10.633 - u : bad uri ( - Junction/Keith%20Jarrett%20Trio/Bye%20Bye%20Blackbird/1%20Bye%20Bye%20Blackbird.flac/picture-1641-38114.jpg): Illegal character in path at index 44: - Junction/Keith%20Jarrett%20Trio/Bye%20Bye%20Blackbird/1%20Bye%20Bye%20Blackbird.flac/picture-1641-38114.jpg

After renaming this directory, all works fine now.

Best regards and thanks again for developing minimserver.

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26-07-2012, 09:21
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RE: missing artwork at bubbleds controller
Thanks for reporting this and also for doing the debugging for me. Smile

Someone else reported this recently on the Linn forum. I'll put a fix into the next release.
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