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Loading New Music Files / Refresh Database
08-10-2013, 21:33
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RE: Loading New Music Files / Refresh Database
(08-10-2013 20:39)simoncn Wrote:  
(08-10-2013 20:04)Gandharva Wrote:  I've been using MinimServer for a few weeks now. Initially on my laptop and now on my HP MicroServer running Ubuntu. Please forgive the question if there is an obvious answer but I cannot find the solution!

When I load new music files MinimServer doesn't see the files until I re-start the software. Is there a way to get MinimServer to automatically refresh the database to recognise changes?

Many thanks,


It isn't possible to do this automatically at the moment. I'm hoping to add this capability in a future release.

The easiest and quickest way to restart MinimServer with your setup is to install MinimWatch on another computer and select Restart from the minim icon. If you start some music playing before doing the restart, the music will continue to play while MinimServer is restarting.

Many thanks. That is what I'm doing at the moment. MinimWatch is on the laptop.

Great software, I'm recommending it to all my audio forum contacts. Smile
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