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Setup Queries
09-09-2013, 20:05
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Setup Queries
I have installed MS on my Synology NAS after hearing about it in the Linn Forums and am using it to browse a collection of about 4500 albums. I like to access my files solely by Album Artist, which appears to equate to Artist on MS. I have managed to get the albums sorted without "The", but there are three additional things I would like to do, which I am struggling with:

1. When I access the library I get 4 fields (no. of albums, no. of tracks, artist and folder view). Can I change the order in which these are displayed, and is it possible to get rid of folder view altogether?

2. re the above is it possible to change the descriptor Artist to Album Artist without affecting the sort of the files?

3.Is it possible to add a field showing newly added albums?

Many thanks
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