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Denon DNP-F109 seek problem
13-08-2013, 23:08
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RE: Denon DNP-F109 seek problem
(13-08-2013 19:10)winxi Wrote:  Hi,
I've a Denon DNP-F109 digital network player and play to it from MinimServer using BubbleUPnP as the control point.
When playing from MinimServer, it is not possible to pause or seek an MP3 file. When playing from proxified MinimServer (using BubbleUPnP Server), it works.
When I try to seek or pause with regular MinimServer, I get an 'action failed' error in BubbleUPnP and the MinimServer trace-log shows no related output. When doing the same with proxified MinimServer, it works and the trace-log shows some related output, please see the attachment.
The converation in this thread may be related to this problem.

To debug this further, I would need to see a Wireshark trace of the interactions between the Denon and the BubbleUPnP proxy for a successful MP3 seek, including browsing to the MP3 track and selecting it for playing. This means you would need to run the BubbleUPnP proxy on a machine that can also run Wireshark (e.g., a Windows PC).

To keep the Wireshark output as small as possible, please play an MP3 file with a low bitrate and perform the seek as soon as possible after the track starts to play. Please terminate the Wireshark trace as soon as the seek has been successful, then zip the Wireshark pcap file and upload it to my FTP server. Thanks!
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