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Minimwatch unable to create tray icon
10-07-2024, 11:23 (This post was last modified: 10-07-2024 15:12 by Pastim.)
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RE: Minimwatch unable to create tray icon
(09-07-2024 17:51)simoncn Wrote:  I am trying both MinimServer and MinimWatch and seeing very inconsistent behaviour. My setup is the same as yours except that I am not using Dash To Panel. I will post back here when things are clearer.
This morning the minimwatch icon is a bit smaller and worked 1st time, without having to click to one side. Version 112.1

However, I have also realised I may be being a bit dim. You mention a minimserver icon. I am running minimserver on the same PC, but see no such icon, nor do I see it as a program available to run when searching applications. Is that because I run it as a daemon at startup?
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