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Restriction of BBC Radio HLS/DASH to authorised third parties
14-09-2023, 00:38 (This post was last modified: 14-09-2023 00:39 by Stream64.)
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RE: Restriction of BBC Radio HLS/DASH to authorised third parties
MDFs post refers to this updated page of 'info for third party users':

Quote:c) Directories and software solutions that enable individual users to directly access streams to add their connected devices will not be supported. This is for a range of reasons related to the BBC’s obligations under the BBC Distribution Policy, including ensuring our streams are not used in non-compliant ways.

Clearly bad news for us, although Minimstreamer isn't precisely allowing users to 'directly access streams to add their connected devices' because it is converting those streams from chunked to constant stream first.

The BBC have cited a potential reason (addition of adverts) but has not cited examples where this has actually happened. Clearly this wouldn't apply to Minimserver users who have no reason to want to add adverts to the audio streams used by their local internet radio devices.

Quote:In these instances, alternate solutions for accessing BBC radio will remain available to audiences – the BBC Sounds application for mobile and web will remain unchanged, and for connected internet radio devices users will be able to tether BBC Sounds to their devices using Bluetooth, AirPlay or Chromecast. Alternatively BBC stations will remain available on FM and DAB and, where possible, through native internet radio solutions.

Minimstreamer was helping to maintain 'native internet radio solutions' which the BBC broke previously by moving to chunked DASH/HLS distribution. But the BBC just don't care.
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