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Double Albums with MinimServer & Lightning DS
21-08-2023, 17:23
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RE: Double Albums with MinimServer & Lightning DS
(20-08-2023 20:34)simoncn Wrote:  You should be able to tag these album discs in a way that makes MinimServer combine them into a single album with no duplicate track numbers. For example, if disc 1 has tracks 1 to 10 and disc 2 has tracks 1 to 4, you would see a single album with tracks 1 to 14. Would this be an acceptable solution?

I did find a way around this by using SongKong to list the tracks as the total number for the 2 discs so for example 1-23 for an album that has 12 tracks on disc 1 and 11 tracks n disc 2.

Under the album artwork Lightning DS shows an incorrect number of tracks, adding 4 to the total, and an incorrect total time. However, this is the best I can do for now.
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