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[unknown] Artist problem
09-09-2013, 17:00 (This post was last modified: 09-09-2013 17:02 by Thor.)
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RE: [unknown] Artist problem
Sorry. I thought it was the same problem. Maybe it is not.

First of all thanks for a great product. I'm using it together with my Linn setup and around 50K High Quality (95% looseless) songs in my collection. I think the MinimServer is the best Music Server for my need that I have seen so far. It gives me flexibility and feel it will be close to perfect over time.

Let me explain exactly what I need:

I have a lot of compilation albums. I do not store any information under "Album Artists" if I have a compilation album. Instead I use the "Compilation" option. This works fine under iTunes and the files are automatically stored under the "Compilations" folder.

The problem with MinimServer is that if AlbumArtist is empty but Artist is filled then the Artist is shown under the Artist List not matter of "Compilations" is set or not in the file. What I want for compilations is the Artist are NOT shown on Artist List BUT shown under All Artists of cause.

Furthermore it would be great if there was a deep link from the Artist detail List to "All Artists" so that songs from the compilations could be found when an artist is searched under the simple "Artist list".

Hope you understand. I can illustrate with an example if necessary.
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