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Genre tagging - feature request
24-08-2012, 22:01
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RE: Genre tagging - feature request
(24-08-2012 15:15)Budgie Wrote:  Hi, New user and seeking help with genre tagging. I never had this working with Twonky and Kinsky. For example if I tagged a work: "Liturgical,Choral" and then searched by genre, in the list of genres I would get two Liturgical genres showing and two Choral. There would be a short list in alphabetical order of those genres which had been used with another as my example and then below the full genre list. Hope this is clear.

Anyhow the same multiple genre tags when served by minimserver and viewed show not separately but as "Liturgical,Choral" I assume from what Simon has stated above that the comma is not the correct separator so will experiment a bit.

Each genre needs to be a separate tag. If you do this, you'll find MinimServer works exactly as you'd expect. Smile

To tag your collection like this should be straightforward, but there are pitfalls. These pitfalls will vary depending on what format your files are in (FLAC, MP3, etc.) and which tagging program you're using. With Mp3tag and FLAC files, a separator of \\ will produce the correct results. However, this doesn't seem to work with Mp3tag and MP3 files. I believe there are other tagging programs that use ; as the separator, but I'm not sure which programs these are.

What format are your files, and which tagging program are you using?

Quote:Minimserver certainly shows up the mis-tagging more clearly but also I now have a large list (1800+) of untagged mp3 tracks showing up. I have no idea where they come from! Clearly some work to do but as they look like pop tracks I think they may be from crappy compilation CDs. I wonder if I can automate the CDDB lookup, that is when I can find them on the NAS?


To find where these files are on the NAS, use Kinsky Desktop (Windows or Mac) as the control point, bring up the problem tracks, and do right-click + Details on one of these tracks. The 'Uri' field will indicate where the track is on your NAS.
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