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Minimserver recent in Audiolinux
20-11-2022, 22:27
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RE: Minimserver recent in Audiolinux
The author of AudioLinux has created a nonstandard unofficial MinimServer package. I think the problems you are seeing are related to using this package. I can only support the official MinimServer package for Linux and I have explained this to the author of AudioLinux.

I suggest you uninstall this unofficial MinimServer package and download and install the official MinimServer package from the MinimServer Downloads page. To install this package, you need to follow the instructions on this page. You need be logged in as the username audiolinux (not root) and install MinimServer in the /home/audiolinux/minimserver directory (not /opt/minimserver). To configure MinimServer to start automatically, you should use the minimserver/bin/setup command.

When you have installed MinimServer in this way, it should be working correctly. If you are still having problems after doing this, please post back here.
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