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Just a little question...
30-07-2022, 17:09
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RE: Just a little question...
(30-07-2022 15:35)lyapounov Wrote:  Thx to both of you for your answers.

Therefore I guess there is no way to display an icon.

BTW Stefano, I see some DSD which you own. What are your best DSD, both in terms of interpretation, and sound recording ?


My DSD albums can be divided into two categories:
1) the only editions available for those recordings
2) remastered editions of albums with different original resolution
For category 1) no comparison can be made.
For category 2) instead the comparison is possible but there are two variables: DSD format and remastering.
It is therefore very difficult to attribute the quality, always very high, to one or the other variable. It is my opinion that a lot of the quality is due to the remastering rather than the format.
So I can only tell you that a remastered DSD edition always has excellent quality.
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