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Playlist offset by one track
03-04-2022, 16:16
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RE: Playlist offset by one track
(03-04-2022 13:49)tarnkappe Wrote:  Do you have random play activated somewhere in the renderer layers (renderer, bubble server)?

No, but it was a great clue. I saw that I had "Gapless playback" enabled for the renderer in Bubble Server. Turning this off seems to have fixed the problem. This of course made gapless playback not work.

I went to the Ropieee config and turned on Openhome support (which has been shaky in the past). Gapless seems to work. The renderer now isn't visible in BubbleUPnP Server - I guess I don't need this anyway if OH support in RopieeeXL is working ok.

At the moment, I think thinks are happier... let's see.

Thanks for your help.
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