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Confused about MinimStreamer install / operation
14-01-2022, 16:44
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Confused about MinimStreamer install / operation
I've just manually updated my two QNAP NAS to Minimserver 2.1 (=Starter Edition) and been looking features if I upgrade the licence.

As I rip using dbPoweramp and do my own re-tagging if necessary (Tag & Rename) to remove any tags related to Classical music and the Starter edition already show the album art, the main feature of interest is playing BBC AAC streams which I think needs Minimstreamer.

As a complete newbie who need to know understand all I'm doing before I start, I'm confused by the linked MinimRadio page....

Step 2 - where on the NAS do I create the BBC Radio folder
Step 3 - do I put the BBC Radio.m3ufile in this folder
Steps 4&5 - both 'this page' links give a 404 error
Step 8 - I don't understand what the 'internet radio' is, why URLs need to be individually entered and why the contents of the BBC Radio.m3u are not automatically accessed and presented to my control app in the same way as music is shown, just like Sonos does.
Step 9 - where does the 'selection' take place?

Thanks in advance for your advice...TomP
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