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JAVA restart necessary to fix inactive Minimserver?
11-06-2013, 07:43
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RE: JAVA restart necessary to fix inactive Minimserver?
(11-06-2013 07:29)rb73 Wrote:  Looks like it happened again sometime tonight, so I disabled MinimServer, copied the diagnostics archive, and enabled MinimServer again.

Diagnostics are in my dropbox again.

The diagnostic files are different this time. The previous diagnostic files showed that MinimServer had crashed with an OutOfMemoryError. These diagnostic files don't show any errors, just that MinimServer was disabled while (apparently) running normally. This probably means there was a hang or deadlock, which might be related to the same resource leakage issue as the previous problem.

In the next release, I will enhance the diagnostic feature to include a Java thread dump. This will provide more information if MinimServer stops because of a hang or deadlock rather than an error. I will also exclude the .mcache files from the diagnostic archive, which will make the diagnostic archive considerably smaller.
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