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JAVA restart necessary to fix inactive Minimserver?
07-06-2013, 10:05
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RE: JAVA restart necessary to fix inactive Minimserver?
(06-06-2013 23:04)simoncn Wrote:  
(06-06-2013 22:25)hvaleton Wrote:  I've just run the netstat command and have attched the result.


I see 7 connections from to the QNAP's 9790 port (the MinimServer HTTP server), and one connection from to the same port. What devices are these? is my Galaxy Nexus smartphone is my Linn DS

(06-06-2013 23:04)simoncn Wrote:  Other local devices with connections are and There isn't enough information to know whether these connections are for the MinimServer process. What devices are these? is unknown. I ran the netstat command a few times more after the initial one and this ip address never turns up again. I have a faint memory of having allocated a static address within my home network to a specific device but I have racked my brain trying to remember what it was with no result, yet.
(The DHCP range of my router starts at 50) is HAYDN, my own Win7 PC

(06-06-2013 23:04)simoncn Wrote:  There are also many connections to what appear to be internet addresses. Would you expect such a large number of these? Some examples:

tcp 0 1024 NasWeileton:51413 78-28-82-13.cdma.:60309 ESTABLISHED

(and 51 others from the same port 51413)

tcp 0 1 NasWeileton:60694 ip-81-11-216-231.:45359 SYN_SENT
tcp 0 0 NasWeileton:34844 121-99-61-86.bng1:15860 ESTABLISHED
tcp 0 1024 NasWeileton:53273 ESTABLISHED
tcp 0 0 NasWeileton:38666 ESTABLISHED

51413 is the port Qnap uses for bittorrent traffic. I have disabled these services (first "Download Station" and then "Transmission") and after a while this port number 51413 did not turn up anymore in the netstat output, as you can see in the various attachments to this post.
I do not know what the other four ports are used for on the Qnap, but they have disappeared from the radar as well, after disabling the bittorent services.
Perhaps the more recent netstat outputs are somewhat more informative to you for being less bulky?

Attached File(s)
.txt  netstat_2013_06_07_0929.txt (Size: 4 KB / Downloads: 1)
.txt  netstat_2013_06_07_0941_after_shutdown_download_station.txt (Size: 13.1 KB / Downloads: 0)
.txt  netstat_2013_06_07_0948_after_a_cooling_period.txt (Size: 4 KB / Downloads: 0)
.txt  netstat_2013_06_07_0951_after_shutdown_transmission.txt (Size: 8 KB / Downloads: 0)
.txt  netstat_2013_06_07_0953_after_a_colling_period.txt (Size: 5.01 KB / Downloads: 1)
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