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Minimserver compatible replacement for two Sonos Play 5s.
05-03-2022, 14:55
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RE: Minimserver compatible replacement for two Sonos Play 5s.
(05-03-2022 11:33)mightyoakbob Wrote:  
(04-03-2022 23:34)simbun Wrote:  Anyway, I'll be listening and comparing it to the Sonos over the weekend, and if I can be assured that I can stereo pair/group them whilst using BubbleUPnP (control point) to control them then it's still a win over Sonos.
Slightly surprised you don't like the idea of a minisystem and prefer two stand alone wireless speakers. A minisystem gives you optical and analogue inputs and your choice of speakers. I suppose it depends on intended usage.
I have a hifi for "proper" listening, these are just dotted around the house for background listening really. I only have one per room but it'd be nice if I could (should I ever want to) have them paired/synched, and it'd be one up on the Sonos which otherwise is a great UPnP renderer.

(05-03-2022 11:33)mightyoakbob Wrote:  Not playing inverted top trumps here but I first tried it on a Pi4 and then tried an old pi2 model B. Yes a Pi 2 £25 and it worked fine on that too.
I only suggested a Pi4 as the networking is SO much better, not really that it's necessary for BubbleUPnP server, but should you want to use if for anything else it's an extra £10 well spent.
Speaking of top trumps, did you see this guy who's running MinimServer off a Pi1 with ~300,000 tracks. It's a testament to MinimServer that it can handle the indexing, let alone be performant on that hardware!
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