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Cambridge CXN V2 functionality?
01-05-2021, 23:12 (This post was last modified: 10-05-2021 21:43 by MarmiteSandwich.)
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Cambridge CXN V2 functionality?
Thinking of ditching my raspberry Pi and installing a CXN V2. Wondering how others get on with it.

I depend on OpenHome to keep the queue on the Pi and I wonder if the CXN has equivalent features, or do I need to keep the/a Control Point running? Or do I need to rely on BubbleUPnP server to do the OpenHome functionality?

Is the Cambridge streaming app (StreamMagic?) effectively a UPnP control point, and does it need to be open and running to maintain the queue? Does the queue show up in other control points (e.g. BubbleUPnP)? Does the Cambridge app manage other UPnP renderers?

Does the CXN show cover art received from MinimServer (c.f. BubbleUPnP control point)?

Is the CXN V2 really gapless with all formats (e.g. .m4a)?

How does the UPnP queue interact with the Chromecast functionality? If UPnP is running and I send a Chromecast stream e.g. from the Qobuz app, I think the Chromecast stream takes over, but what happens to the UPnP queue? Can I resume it later from the Control Point?

Wondering about this...

Server :: RaspberryPi3B+>Minimserver
Control : Android>BubbleUPnP / W10>Upplay / W10>Kazoo / iPhone>Kazoo
Renderer: RaspberryPi3>upmpdcli>mpd>DACMagic
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