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Ripping by Index
10-04-2021, 12:02
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RE: Ripping by Index
(09-04-2021 15:24)lyapounov Wrote:  The index is a feature which is part of the original CD specification, but which is rarely used nowadays.

Someone on Discogs found 6 CDs which have this

I personally remember CDs using this feature but then giving it up (I started buying CDs in 1985...). As an example, Glenn Gould playing Bach Goldberg were originally one track and one index per variation; but Sony reverted to one track per variation.

I started ripping some discs for my dad a few weeks ago and have come across 3 discs so far, 2 from the list you detailed (Buster and MCMXC a.D.) and Foxtrot by Genesis.
I knew the specification allowed for it, but I'd never seen it before, and I don't know why but I'd never thought of breaking tracks up before like that, especially with what we can do with MinimServer.

A good example (although not a great example as each track is a continuous piece of music) is with Close to the Edge by Yes. The CD I have doesn't have subindexes for each "song", so titles for the first two tracks are:
Track 1) Close To The Edge: I. The Solid Time Of Change, II. Total Mass Retain, III. I Get Up I Get Down, IV. Seasons Of Man
Track 2) And You and I: I. Cord Of Life, II. Eclipse, III. The Preacher The Teacher, IV. Apocalypse

Whereas if I split the track up into individual "songs", not only would I be able to use the Grouping tag within MinimServer, but I'd also be able to name the tracks individually, to achieve something like:

Close To The Edge
1.1. The Solid Time Of Change,
1.2. Total Mass Retain
1.3. I Get Up I Get Down
1.4. Seasons Of Man
And You and I
2.1. Cord Of Life
2.2. Eclipse
2.3. The Preacher The Teacher
2.4. Apocalypse

I guess it's no more wrong that splitting a CD into tracks, and I'll be able to create a CUE that pieces the files back together so that the album still verifies with CTDB/AccurateRip.
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