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licensing multiple instances
07-04-2021, 21:34
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RE: licensing multiple instances
(07-04-2021 21:23)simoncn Wrote:  The limit is is the number of devices running MinimServer. If you run multiple instances on one device, this should count as one (the device).

There are some cases where MinimServer cannot detect this situation and each instance could be counted separately. What device(s) are you using to run MinimServer?

Nothing specific was more just curious as i'm learning more about libraries, tagging, organization and profiles. I saw that since you can really only have one running profile per server, it might be nice to have have a separate instances that have different profiles (for whatever reason) and if so would I need a separate license. It would all be on the same server, albeit probably in different containers/jails. Currently i'm running MinimServer in a jail on Truenas. More hypothetical/planning question more than anything.
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