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Incorrect header for PES ADTS stream
08-02-2021, 14:56
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RE: Incorrect header for PES ADTS stream

I could not see where it says what version of MinimWatch I was running so I deleted it and reinstalled the latest version. As you correctly said, it then showed MinimStreamer greyed out in the packages. I then signed up for the trial license on the Melco and have installed MinimStreamer. I'll try the radio station later when I get the chance.

Meanwhile, I was just looking back at the Melco EX upgrade (which I paid for) and was under the impression it should have included the full version of MinimServer. Certainly that's what is showing on the comparison chart that Alan @ Melco sent me. I've pinged him for confirmation.

Your help is much appreciated,

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RE: Incorrect header for PES ADTS stream - ash.madden - 08-02-2021 14:56

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