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Another use for Compilation tag
14-12-2020, 22:06
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RE: Another use for Compilation tag
(14-12-2020 12:21)jarvis Wrote:  I recently upgraded to Minimserver2 and I have absolutely no regrets! First the Index Artwork, then this tweak to album sorting for "Various Artists". That means I can have albums sorted by release date for normal artists but by name when viewing compilations!

Glad you found the post useful, always nice to be able to help someone. I do like evolving these things, but I do find that I end up creating work for myself; after starting to sort artist albums by date I realised that some artists (The Beatles is a good example) were particularly productive, and had many albums in the same year, so I've just spent a couple of hours adding more precision to their release dates :-(

It sounds like we have a very similar setup, even down to filtering out certain tracks for a shuffle mode. I don't have many mixed albums so haven't excuded those, but I have excluded spoken word tracks by adding an additional genre of 'Spoken Word' to create a 'Shuffle Mode' filter at the top level of the index, which I select, before using BubbleUPnP to perform a shuffle.

One thing you may not be aware of is MinimStreamers ability to apply track replaygain which helps normalise the volume when shuffling, especially useful if what you're playing comes from different eras (pre loudness wars). This is ultimately why I filter out spoken word tracks as they're boosted so much because of the silence. With MinimServer2 you could create one profile with it active and one without.
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