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Minimwatch and Firewall
16-03-2021, 10:36 (This post was last modified: 16-03-2021 10:37 by Budgie.)
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RE: Minimwatch and Firewall
(16-03-2021 01:23)dukdukgoos Wrote:  So am I correct in understanding that forwarding ports 9790 and 9791 isn't sufficient to get a MinimWatch connection? There is another randomly assigned port that must be open as well (and no way to predefine what that port should be)?

This is important for getting a working Docker installation, as all necessary ports need to be defined in the Docker configuration in order to communicate with the host environment in bridged networking mode. If an extra random port is required we will need to set up Docker to only use host networking (which isn't optimal, but is an option which seems to work).
I cannot comment on your Docker question but in order to address my minimwatch upnp problem it was necessary to use a netfilter ssdp helper which is in conntrack-tools. You could look there first. I cannot take the credit for this as all the difficult stuff was done by arvidjaar on the openSUSE TW Networking forum.
Hope this helps.
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