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MinimWatch & Server on Qnap
28-04-2012, 12:09 (This post was last modified: 28-04-2012 12:26 by Greybeard.)
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MinimWatch & Server on Qnap

I installed the server on my Qnap 419P+ and it runs well.
But I have a problem, which I don't understand.

MinimWatch won't work, when started from disc. When I start it out of the dmg, it needs some time (about three or four minutes), but mostly (not always) connects to the server.
Since my music library is work in progress (editing the tags, deleting doubles, adding new music, etc), I have to restart the server a few times to get it re-read the library.

Can I do something to a) to accelerate proceedings and b) get it work from the applications directory?

And are there plans to make the server able to observe directories by itself?

I deactivated the firewall. And: It works. - So although the firewall asks, if I want to allow incoming traffic for this app (MinimWatch), it doesn't seem to work? What do I have to write in my firewall to allow this?
My hard and software:
Lion 10.7.3
Qnap 419P+, Firmware 3.6.1 0302T
Jre 7

Thanks for any advice!
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